Fly Boutique

Fly Boutique owner Jean Marie opened her

first boutique Jean Marie Vintage in

November 1995 with much success in

South Beach. In November of 1996, she

opened a second location, Fly Boutique, on

Lincoln Road. Soon the boutiques merged

and became one. Finally in October of

1998, Fly Boutique moved to 650 Lincoln

Road where they would remain for a

successful 13 years. Unfortunately, due to

an electrical fire in the building, Fly

Boutique was forced to move out in

November 2011 and relocated just around

the corner to 1634 Euclid Avenue (at

Lincoln Road).

In March 2011 Fly Boutique opened a

second boutique in the hip Miami MIMO

district, located at 7235 Biscayne Blvd.

Here the idea is to have a larger more

creative space where you can find furniture,

art and collectibles as well as the beautiful

clothing and accessories that the boutique

has always carried.

Fly Boutique's environment is very

charming, cozy and inviting. The style the

owners Jean Marie and Maxi have created

comes in part from Jean Marie's

background in fashion and Max’ in

architecture and design . For three years in

the early 90's Jean Marie worked for Luca

Orlandi of Luca Luca. This background in

fashion has been very important in setting

the vibe for Fly Boutique. Even though it is

mainly a a consignment and vintage

boutique, it still has the feeling of a true

retail boutique. Most important in the criteria

of the search for inventory is quality. Every

item is handpicked and carefully inspected.

Taken into consideration is its style, age,

condition and how well it is made. Most

items are or appear to be unworn. If any

item is not perfect, it is only chosen

because it is amazing.

Fly Boutique carries both newer designer

and vintage items such as Chanel, Missoni,

Gucci, Dior and Pucci just to name a few.

Jean Marie also has her own line named

Puglia. Since 1996 she has been

reconstructing vintage items and creating

beautiful dresses, tops, bikinis and bags. All

of these items are recycled from vintage

pieces that are no longer desirable in their

present condition. They are all one of a


Fly Boutique has always projected to it's

clients a new concept in recycled and

vintage clothing, accessories and furniture.

It has become more mainstream, but with a

minimal, simple and charming yet

glamorous style that appeals to all